Ludumdare #35 competition entry.

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Welcome to Pup8Bit the LD#35 entry.

I ventured to create a game about a bored kid whose father is a magician. The kid finds his fathers spell book and accidentally turns himself into a dog. So he is forced to go out and try to find his father to ask him for help. He takes along the spell book and decides to try other spells at random to see if he can find the one that turns him back into a boy. However those spells turn him in to yet other creatures.

On his journey he is forced to go down dangerous paths and uses his shape-shifting to his advantage turning into whichever form he can to stay alive.

About the code

The code is small and has a lot of potential. It has integration with Java 8 Nashorn so you can expand on the Updaters and input handlers in JavaScript you can experiment with that in resources/init.js. There is a bunch of cleanup left to do to and additional features to make the scripting easier and more capable. Also need to add a gui system was not able to get to one during the competition.

So give it a try and see what you can make.

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